Nationalist Crib Sheet

This page is aimed at providing approximate answers to the most usual critique that is aimed at Nationalists and Nationalism. The aim is to provide a crib sheet (and perhaps statistical information) to help push the cause.

I intend to collect both snappy and long-winded replies, so that they can be issued in those annoying situations where you are on a blog, newspaper comment section, forum, or just out with friends and come across some libtard with a smug and mocking tone who intends to make you look like an idiot. 

The responses here need not necessarily be water tight for inclusion, but obviously the more researched the better. Do not use the material if you are not able to defend yourself and if you do not understand the points which may be being made on this site. You will fail.

The first aims will be to counteract the misconceptions and to start leading the debate rather than being trailed by the nose. The second aim will be to show there is some insight and thought processes behind why we are all here as Nationalists. The third, is hopefully to win the arguments and hopefully get the wider spectators on our side through calm and rational debate. 

I will be posting a lot of my own replies, which I have used (and had bothered to save for future use) in the last few years, as well as those I may come across on the internet. 

Unfortunately, the blogger/blog platform is completely useless at categorising and designing ways to navigate the site contents, so you may have to search the site manually for information relative to the debate at hand. Ideally, some kind of flow-chart containing all the relevant responses and predicted counter responses should be devised - so if somebody knows how to do this/construct such a navigation system on-line and has their own answers to provide - feel free to make it and I will link to it here. 

I do not debate on forums any more, especially on medium like facebook, because it got too inane. However, I do know how annoying it is to be faced with a smart-arse and not having the information at your fingertips ready to show them up as complete idiots, or at least not as "on top" as they would like the others to believe. 

It was my own experience with these type of people, and my own experience of having to answer the same issues and criticisms time and time again which spurned me on with this idea.

Patience will be needed whilst the page is added to. 

British Activism.


Immigration/Emigration of British to Spain

The whole Spanish guilt trip thing doesn't really stand up to scrutiny and certainly does not impede on the arguments of British nationalism. To true Nationalists, those who try and create a mini England in some parts of Spain are hypocrites in terms of what we stand for - and as a result are not representative of anything we subscribe to.

It is ironic though, that many such people who leave to live in Spain have left because they do not like what has happened the country at the hands of people who come out with these chides (often those from the general "liberal" doo-gooding fraternity).  The people who have left the country for Spain are often the English people who have "got out" of this country like rats deserting a sinking ship in order to escape the craziness and chaos which the aforementioned "doo gooding" fraternity have brought upon us with their woolly mindedness. 

Look at many newspaper comments from ex-patriots to Spain (and elsewhere) and they are often in sorrowful tone and disbelief  at just how bad things are continuing to get. They are perhaps the more 'aware' people, socially and morally conservative, who should have stuck around and helped bring about change to address problems, rather than flee to where they think the grass is greener. 

The main reason it doesn't stand up to scrutiny though is because it is not comparing the same phenomena at all.

The majority of people which have traditionally been leaving for Spain are pensioners . This is a very important consideration and distinction to make. They are not about to start raising families of 7 children, burdening the whole Spanish infrastructure and therefore cannot gradually take over Spain through procreation either. Here, over 80% of immigrants have been from outside Europe, a demographic which is young, which has a very disproportionate birthrate, and as such ARE transforming this country forever.

It is not "okay" for British people to go to Spain and "Colonise" the place, but it is SMALL FRIES compared to what’s going on in Britain. 
Two wrongs certainly don’t make a right, so not only it is folly to propose that nationalists somehow agree with mass settlement in Spain, but also rather disingenuous to try and cast parallels between the two phenomena in an attempt to put words into our mouths and to mislead others on the very different nature, scale, and future consequence  of such immigration.

 Australia Colonialism Guilt
I wonder if the aborigines in Australia feel the same way as some on here. Eh???? What you talking about Willis? you do know we are still a huge majority don't you? There is still over 90% white in the country so what's the problem?

Firstly, what people need to remember with Australia is that well over a century ago it was a vast baron land mass which contained very, very few people. It cannot ever be regarded in the same light as millions of people transforming an already highly densely populated and developed country.

Australia was an extremely undeveloped place back in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s and in my own opinion the ‘white’ settlers made something of the place from basically scratch which the Aboriginals could not have done or comprehended at that time. "We" in many ways were nation builders and innovators, not nation destroyers, which is unfortunately currently the "back wash" on these Isles.
I’m not saying it was right by any means, “we” had no right to impose ourselves and supplant our way of life there, but the situation is totally different to modern phenomena. Two wrongs don’t make a right either, only in the Guardianista viewpoints they must do -seeing as they mention it as being acceptable to be happening in reverse (in their view).

Plus, I have to say that although the “leftwing” orientated like to use the 'aboriginal' trick of trying to turn Australia to their argumentative advantage by imposing a cloud of 'white guilt' over everybody, you have to remember that when the settlers went there, they were actually at first cautiously welcomed for their innovation, trade and development, then when too many arrived and started to overtake their country, the Aboriginals fought tooth and nail trying to keep their own country and way of life - and there is no doubt in my mind they also fought for their people as an ethnic group to stay the majority there.

We never slashed our way through Australia; it was more buying/trading/duping them out of chunks of land and populating the place. Violent clashes between indigenous populations and settlers were only sporadic, and rarely coordinated by comparison with other opponents of British imperialism, like the Zulu or Maori.
It is not even fair to punish a current population for "crimes" they never committed, either. The sins of the father should not be brought to the shoulder of the child, or even great grand child. Why aren't the Muslims and Muslim nations apologising for their imperialism and expansionism, or other civilisations which have had various other empires manifested around various parts of the world at one point or another? Or is it just "white" history that has to be used as a beating stick?
Besides, why should the Aboriginals of Britain’s' composite of England Scotland and Wales not also fight for their ethnic and cultural survival in their own homeland?