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The Fraud of Globalism: Minarets in Switzerland and McDonald's in Mecca

The Fraud of Globalism: Minarets in Switzerland and McDonald's in Mecca

By Robert Stark,
December 2009

Swiss Voters recently voted to ban the Construction of Minarets which greatly affect the skylines of many European Cities due to the massive growth of Muslim populations. The ban does not stop the construction of new Mosques but bans the Minaret towers. We are used to American values of freedom of religion (where it would be a questionable infringement on the 1st Amendment right to freedom of religion), but keep in mind that many European nations do not even have the same rights to freedom of speech that we have.

Both Jewish and Muslim groups are outraged by Switzerland's decision. However many Muslims nations do not allow for the construction of Church's or Synagogues, and Israel also has restrictions on freedom of religion such as laws against proselytizing and intermarriage.

It is a shame that the issue about Minarets in Switzerland has become an issue of Islamophobia rather than opposition to foreign influence and Globalism. I can understand how many Muslims living there may feel their religious rights are being infringed upon, however due to the large scale of immigration Europeans feel threatened that they are loosing their culture and nations. While I support European Nationalism and a halt to immigration it is shame that the movement have focused on making Muslims into the enemy rather than supporting nationalism for all people and opposing Globalization.

What they fail to realize is that the Muslim world has a lot of the same concerns about loosing their cultures to Globalization that Europeans have. 

The 9/11 Hijacker Muhammad Atta was outraged about how American style Urban Sprawl has destroyed the aesthetic character of the ancient city Aleppo in Syria, and was opposed to modern skyscrapers being built in his home city of Cairo. Atta who was a city planner who dreamed of raising the Western Architecture in Aleppo and rebuilding it as an authentic Arab City. To Atta the World Trade Center was a symbol of globalization and the same type of Modern American Architecture he despised. His concerns were similar to the concerns of Europeans who see their historic cities cluttered with Islamic Minarets. Unlike Atta, Europeans usually do not become terrorist.

Even Mecca, the Holy City of Islam has been crowded with American style fast food joints causing strife among many Muslims there. In his lecture "Islam and the New World Order", Shiekh Abdullah Hakim Quick talks about his experience in Mecca and seing the affect of consumer culture there saying, " we came out of the Kabba and we looked up and we see the Golden Mecca....Pizza Hut, Baskin Robbins, Burger King..and there was a young boy, probably from a Meccan family and he was in McDonald's with his big pants and his hat on and he had an attitude." Quik believes there is a conspiracy to establish a secular New World Order but he advocates an Islamic New World Order as an alternative.

America is often associated with Globalization in the rest of the World, since we are the home to most of these international banks, corporations, and media conglomerates. However these institutions are truly international and have no responsibility or loyalty to America but only care about profits. They are tarnishing our nation's reputation abroad with their greed and exploitation while at the same time they are lobbying our Government to lax our immigration laws and send our jobs overseas.

Those who want to make Muslims into bogeymen have a vested interest in promoting imperialism in the middle east. Israel has a right to it's sovereignty and is small nation in a hostile region but it is not right for Israel firsters in America and Europe to stir up hatred against Muslims in order to start wars on Israel's behalf.

Many Zionist politicians and organizations are as vehemently opposed to European Nationalism as Muslims are - and even supported Muslim separatist in Kosovo by bombing Christian Serbia. Ironically it was the Islamic Republic of Iran which gave refuge to J├╝rgen Graf -  a Swiss revisionist historian who was facing imprisonment by the Politically Correct Thought Police of the same Government that is banning Minarets.

Even though they have historically been anti-Jewish, many European Nationalists now support Israel against what they see as a common enemy in radical Islam. While Israel has its flaws, I do not blame the nation itself for Globalization but the influential politicians, moneymen and organizations in America and Europe that both unconditionally support Israel though foreign aid and wars, are also the biggest promoters of Globalization and immigration.

Anti-Islam activist have made a huge fuss over Sharia finance, but in reality it is far superior to our corrupt Banking system based on debt and fiat money. Sharia prohibits the payment or acceptance of interest fees for the lending and accepting of money. As was Iraq before the toppling of Saddam, Iran is now one of the few nations that does not allow international banks to operate. Both nations contain the world's largest oil reserve and the international bankers can't wait to get their hand on it. 

It is a shame that the west and Muslim world have become enemies because Globalization. However due to the large numbers of Muslims in Europe and the wars in the middle east, I feel that it may to late to reverse this trend but what we can do is limit immigration and stop meddling in the Muslim World.

While I am a strong defender of Western Civilization I can appreciate and respect other nations cultures. The consumer culture of MTV, Walmart, Fast food, and suburban sprawl has little cultural value to both America and the rest of the world. The Elites say we have to tolerate diversity at all cost. We should respect other nations sovereignty and right to preserve their way of life, but at the same time we should not be afraid of being called xenophobes and racist when it comes to defending our own culture and national sovereignty.

Multiculturalism and diversity are Globalist lies because in the end all the people's the world will loose their culture and identity, and be nothing but consumers and slaves of International Corporations and Bankers. 

They want Westerners to think Muslims are the enemy and vice versa but they are the true enemy of all of humanity because they do not value nation states, human life, the environment, and culture. To them everyone is a consumer and all nations are nothing but marketplaces.