Friday, 29 October 2010

Equalitarians! The Unnecessary Faith

Equalitarians! The Unnecessary Faith

By The Narrator

There is today probably not a more destructive presumption, even faith, than the notion of Equality. For its sheer baselessness and capacity to harm, and be it racial, cultural, societal, gender, etc, the modern notion of intrinsic or inherent “equal-ness” among human beings resides in a historical class by itself. From a racial perspective, pondering why Whites and non-Whites are not civilizationally, morally or temperamentally equal or why there is a socio-economical gap between the races, is about as necessary (and forced) as asking why dogs make better household pets than Grizzly bears.

All about us we see inequality as a natural condition and reality. Within sets and subsets, disparity in quality and ability is the norm. Be it among men or animals, fowl or fish, we see systems where this normative condition is nature’s engineering, and obviously not the outcome of prejudice or bigotry.

Of course, when we look at groupings of distinct classes of Man, animal or plant we can instantly recognize similar qualities distinct to each group or sub-group. We observe, for example, that fish swim and birds, by and large, fly. We can test this for the validity of labelling them by their distinctiveness. Yet not all fish are the same or equal, nor are birds without a variety of differences.

Even when similarities are more relevant (yet still greatly divergent in degrees), differences in quality, ability, adaptiveness and so on, are undeniable … such as, for instance, the fact that flight is a quality common to both butterflies and eagles. Yet the ultimate and distinguishable inequality between the two, in any given circumstance they may happen to share, is self-evident to all but the wilfully blind.

And so we come to the unnecessary predicament that the wilfully blind Equalitarians create with their presumption for Equality and their grievous vexation by the lack of it.
If the races are equal, then it is unfair that some live in squalor while others live in skyscrapers. If men and women are equal, then it is unfair that women do not hold as many positions of power as men. If all men are equal, then it is unfair that some live longer, healthier lives than others.

And, of course, since the Equalitarians presume for equality and find everywhere a superabundant absence of it (to coin a phrase), then they must concoct some reason to explain it. This they achieve through the assertion of prejudice and bigotry on the part of the “more equal”. But it is a tactic that is as unscientific as it is comical. Is it bigotry and prejudice on the part of birds that explains why cats can’t fly, and “institutional prejudice” on the part of pine trees that explains why maples cannot stay green all year round?

Or maybe it is the “racist act” of excluding different groups from your own. Maybe one group has kept another from assimilating into its own matrix as a way to discriminate against them and “keep them down”.

But this assimilation canard is just as comical and preposterous. Four hundred years of close contact with Whites in America has not helped blacks to assimilate towards White standards of civilization. And why should it? Why on Earth should we believe that different races must or can assimilate to one another’s innate (genetic) societal tendencies?

This is why the reality of racial groupings and their varying genetic dissimilarities is so important. Because if you take the Occam’s Razor route and eliminate the most convoluted theories in regards to the ongoing civilizational disparity of the races, then you will be left with the most logical explanation for those disparities ... the races are simply different. Add to this the fact that these different groups of peoples diverged tens of thousands of years ago and continued to evolve in wildly varying environments and circumstances (that will never be repeated), and the notion of “equality among the races” is, on its face, ridiculously unscientific, illogical and wholly unnecessary in its presumption.

Put it this way.

Imagine dropping off a group of alligators in the North Pole, then blaming the “deep rooted prejudice” of the Polar Bears for the alligators’ inability to assimilate and prosper. It’s an absurd assertion, but when you assume a notion without regard to observable facts, then you are compelled to twist those facts and invent others to accommodate that assumption.

In regards to “race relations” the same obviously holds true. Remove the silly and baseless notion of universal standards of intelligence, morality and civilizational ability among the various races, and it will take about a month to solve the “race relations” problems.

How? Because there is no universal standard of Intelligence, morality or even what constitutes a civilization. Each race has its own definition of these things and each definition is valid to that race. Thus, what is civilization to us, is not civilization to them. What is moral for us, is not necessarily so for them. What is poverty for us, is not poverty for them. What is Quality of Life for us, is not the same for them. And so on.

But when races are mixed in societies that assume “Equality” as a prerequisite for behavior then (falsely) perceived injustices and inequality ensue, and chaos soon reigns. Not to mention the fact that the pursuit of equality in a world that is naturally unequal is simply a waste of valuable and (often) unrecoverable time and resources. How much money has been thrown at programs intended to close racial gaps in education, that essentially just went down a black hole? How many neighborhoods have been irrevocably disturbed or destroyed through efforts to integrate races into communities once prosperous and peaceful due to their homogeneity? How much death and destruction has been unleashed by those who (believing in equality) changed laws to criminalize Freedom of Association?

And don’t forget that the presumption of equality is now used as the current justification for America’s war on terror. By assuming “we’re all the same” we can find ample justification for “bringing democracy to the oppressed throughout the world” in the form of unending invasions and occupations!

Ultimately the belief in equality (like every other notion embraced by modern liberalism) is a destructive force. One which tears down without leaving anything (better or worse -the worse is left by default-) in its place. It simply creates an infinite vacuum of contempt and disdain for the natural state of things.

Worse still, the desire for, or pursuit of , “equality” is the proverbial two-edged sword; those who pick it up to wield it against others are often wounded by it themselves. For if you embrace “Equality”, then you must reject, increasingly, all forms of difference. If you embrace the notion that race is a social construct, you will in turn embrace the notion that gender is a social construct as well. If you endorse interracial marriage today, then you WILL endorse homosexual marriage tomorrow ... and on it goes.

Once you except, partially or wholly, the notion of Equality, you have immersed yourself in a world of lies. And the more lies you tell yourself, and the more lies you allow yourself to believe in, the more detached you become from reality, until it gets to the point that reality itself become the enemy.

Already today we can see segments of our society which, by embracing Equality, have plunged into such a state of mental anarchy that they can no longer (as in, are willing to) distinguish between black people and White people, male and female, humans and plants, tress and animals, terrorism and civility, history and propaganda, (in art) beauty and ugliness, Christianity and Islam, science and dogma, good and bad, Truth and Lies ...

The cult of Equality strips people of their ‘soul’ because it engenders an apathy (and eventually a hostility) towards the ability to place value and assess worth. It rips the very heart out of such truths as Nation, Community, Family, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Child and Friend, because it denies the very nature of their distinctiveness. And in the end it destroys such “divisive” concepts as Devotion, Loyalty and Love, because those are three things that you can never apply equally to all places, things and people.

That is why today, as our depraved society plumbs the depths of “Equality”, we see anarchy, nihilism and violence escalating by a factor of ten from one year to the next. Unless and until we all learn to live within the limitations of Truth, and to forego the pleasure of those warm but ultimately empty fuzzy feelings, we are going to continue driving our long-fought-for civilization down to the third level of societal hell.

The belief in Equality is a faith whose unnecessary premise is currently working hard to rival Judaism, Christianity and Islam (all together) as a civilizational wrecking ball. Tragically for the West, it is only Whites who are pursuing Equality - and doing so out of a contempt for their own natural state in the world which formed their distinctive attributes to begin with. We are like birds who, having had a false sense of guilt engendered in them for their ability to soar through the heavens, sever their own wings and plunge to the earth to make those that walk or crawl upon the land feel better about their own (distinct) natural state.

Thus the pursuit of equality is really just a pathological contempt for self rather than a reverence for the other. It is the face of hate locked in an asylum of mirrors desperately in search of a conformational “Amen” that it will never find.

To sum up succinctly, the unnecessary presumption of Equality casts yet another stumbling block before a great civilization, and its nations and peoples, that has already strayed far off course and is in danger of falling.